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I'm fundraising for CEO Walk In My Shoes

I am joining my fellow CEOs in experiencing a day in the life of a family who stays at Ronald McDonald House Charities Greater Western Sydney.

Why am I doing this?

Imagine that you have just received the worst news possible – your child is seriously ill and you need to relocate your family in order to receive the lifesaving treatment that your child needs.

You would drop everything right? But what does that actually mean?

The families that stay at Ronald McDonald House Charities are away from their home, their support system and everything they know. The House provides them with support to ensure they can concentrate on what is most important, their sick child and family.

These are just a few things Ronald McDonald House Charities provide to families

  • A House that is open 365 days a year, to ensure families have a place to stay at no charge
  • Support sick kids and their families through various programs
  • Make sure families have a home cooked meal and most importantly
  • Continue keeping families together during this difficult time

Kids should be living life, NOT fighting for it!

I am asking you to support me in helping Ronald McDonald House Charities Greater Western Sydney continue providing a warm and supportive home-away-from-home for families of children travelling to the House for treatment.
If it were your child or a loved one's child wouldn't you want to know that they had this level of support?

My Achievements

My Updates


Wednesday 1st Nov
I can't believe it. We hit 10K on Sunday night. What an incredible feeling that a small restaurant in Baulkham Hills could make such a difference. Thank you to everyone who donated. 
The 24hrs at the house was amazing and I just have to figure out how to share everything with you guys.
The most important thing we learnt was from Molly who has spent over 600 nights at the house over the past 5 years - everyday look for the rainbow.
I can tell you...my heart is full of rainbows so THANK YOU 

3 Sleeps to go

Monday 23rd Oct
On Thursday I'll be heading down to the house to start this 24hr challenge. We had a phone hookup on Friday afternoon and got to meet some of the other participants. Overall as a group, we have raised over $35,000. Excited to think I have raised almost 10% of that. Thank you to everyone who has donated. 
I've just banked the cash that was in the jar at work and hoping I can raise a little more before the challenge starts. Remember, if you are coming into the restaurant, we have a Guessing competition of Halloween treats for the grand sum of $1 (which of course goes to this fundraiser).
Looking forward to sharing everything on Thursday night

$3000 Woohoo

Wednesday 18th Oct
Unbelievable. I've just hit $3000. So excited and amazed by the generosity of family, friends, friends of friends and my beautiful customers and community. 
When I signed up for Walk in The Shoes I was told that $2000 was the minimum target and I thought no worries, easy done but in my head I was still worried. I know how tough everyone is doing it but I also had hope and if the last few years has taught me anything...it is that I'm surrounded by amazing people who would have my back. 
So thank you to everyone who has donated, whether it be $1 in the jar at work or $200 online. It all adds up. 
As I've said before, between myself and the business I will be matching all donations as of the morning of the challenge which is only 8 sleeps away xx

Donation Jar

Monday 9th Oct
Thank you to everyone who has popped cash in the jar at work. Whether it was $1 or $50 or a staff member who popped their tips in at the end of the night or bought their 'piggy bank' and emptied it...it is all very appreciated and going to the most amazing cause.

End of another month

Saturday 30th Sep
So in 27 days I'll be arriving at Ronald McDonald House to participate in this 24hr challenge. I'm really excited for this. We've been partnering with RMH for just over 2yrs now and I still haven't made the time to have a tour. I've seen the kitchen and dining area when we've served meals or held one of our Make Your Own Pizza afternoons. 
I look forward to seeing more of the house and inner workings to be able to share with my amazing customers what their support truly means. 
So close to my goal. Couldn't have made it without the support of everyone so a big THANK YOU 

Pay It Forward

Monday 25th Sep
This weekend I put up a post on the business socials that I would match all Pay It Forwards donated this weekend. Thank you to everyone who supports our PIF program. It is amazing how it has grown over the past 3 years. This is what allows us to send pizzas down to RMH every week, to provide StreetMed with 20 free meals and 20 meals at a discounted rate and a hot meal to those in the community that are doing it tough. 
I couldn't do this without you, so this is my way of giving back a little.
Thank you for supporting my business and my charity works.

Best news ever

Monday 18th Sep
On Thursday night Kobi's family received the call they had been waiting for. His body was all clear of the cancer and on Friday he would take his last chemo tablet ever. Best news ever.
Over the past 2yrs, Kim, Darren, Kobi and the girls have been so amazing through all this. Such a difficult part of their lives but Ronald McDonald House made life a little simpler when they needed to be down in Sydney for treatment. On my business FB page "Belmonte Italian Cuisine" I shared some of Kobi's story over the past 2 years.
As I said to him in my video when we found out the good news, these past 2yrs have been hell for you but some good came out of it - our relationship with Ronald McDonald House which will continue way into the future.
Thank you for all the donations. A little goes a long way

Kobi's last scan

Tuesday 12th Sep
So yesterday, my friend's son Kobi has hopefully had his last biopsy and Lumbar Puncture to show he is free of disease. Kim was able to get a room at RMH for the weekend and surprised me on Friday night with a delivery order through our online system.  
How amazing is it, that families from the country can have a place to stay, free of charge while undergoing treatment or check ups. Unfortunately many families are turned away due to lack of space but they do what the can for those families that are lucky enough to get a room.
Thank you for your support, it all means so much.
Photo of Kobi at hospital yesterday 

Happy Father's Day

Sunday 3rd Sep
These days are not always easy for everyone. I do know, that Ronald McDonald House do what they can so those fathers and father figures calling RMH home for now are spoilt and get to celebrate their day in some small way.
We look forward to treating a couple of families tonight.
Thank you to everyone who has donated so far. A little truly goes a long way

Launch Day

Friday 1st Sep
Today is a very special day. I get to launch this fundraiser for a very special place. Why today?
Because today is the 2nd year anniversary of when we first sent pizzas down to the house for the families. It is my girlfriend's birthday and I wouldn't take no for an answer to send her a special birthday dinner while she was at the house with her son (more about her story later) and then mum called RMH and asked if we could send a few extra down and that is where our relationship started.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Belmonte Italian Cuisine

Thank you to all my amazing customers who have donated, whether on the page or in the jar at work. As promised, the business and myself personally are matching all donations and since we are so close I have rounded it up just a little xxxxx


Tanya Stafa

A huge thanks to my family, friends and friends of friends who always support me in my charity endeavours. Couldn't do it without your monetary and emotional support. Love you all xxx As promised, between the business and I we are matching all donations


Adam Stafa

Well done sis!


Belmonte Italian Cuisine

Thank you everyone who attended our Make Your Own Pizza Party today. $10 from each participant has been donated to RMH as promised, plus as always, we have matched the donation xx


Donation Jar

Thanks to all the amazing customers who have dropped a donation in our jar at work. You guys are awesome


Donation Jar


Donation Jar

Thanks once more to everyone who has popped some cash in the jar.


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Penny & Nick Hough

All of the work that you do for these kids & their families is amazing and so needed. Thank you for all you do!


Donation Jar

The last of the donation jar and everyone who had a guess in our Halloween Lolly Comp. Thank you to everyone


Kobi Roberts

Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou for being there throughout my treatment 💓 💖 💛


Kate & Kennedy

A wonderful cause ! Go Tanya!


Sue Stafa

So proud of you as a daughter, what you have achieved and what you do for the community. Love you xx


Tanya Stafa

Thank you to everyone who purchased a Pay It Forward meal this weekend. As promised, I have matched the amount for this fundraiser


Claire Hawthorn

You do a brilliant job Tanya, keep being you


Amanda Town


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Well done Tanya. You're a legend.


Joanne Beatty

You are amazIng Tanya! Best regards, Jo x




Michelle Blackwell

Tanya, you are such a generous, kind hearted person. I hope you are enjoying your time at RMHC.


Rachel Smith

You are an inspiration !




Geoffrey Mcaulay

For a great cause and for Tanya that is always giving to great causes



Good luck Tanya :-)


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Hope you have an amazing night.


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Amazing & generous as always! ❤️😘


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Love what the house does for families of those precious little kids going through so much trauma



Go Cuz! Proud to call you my family! Xx


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Donation Jar

Thanks to everyone who has dropped money in the jar at the work. This is what we have collected over the past week. You guys rock


Donation Jar

Thanks to everyone who has donated some cash while in the restaurant. Your support is invaluable


Field Family

For having the biggest heart ❤️ Here's to $10,000 Thank you Tanya


Joy And Graham Tomlinson

You can achieve your goal. You are an inspiration to us all. You and your Mum are such amazing women.


Mark Annabel

Great work


Vicki Gillon-connolly

Awesome work Tanya ❤️


Connie Barone

Great work Tanya


Kylie Jacobsen

Everyone is touched by your amazing spirit and generosity. Unfortunately too many of us are dealing with the so many hurdles of cancer. Prayers to all x


Michelle Blackwell

Tanya, you are amazing for your selfless nature and all that you do for those experiencing hard times.



Go Tanya! Go! 🥳


Angela And Kaitlin

You are the most generous and selfless person I know, you are an inspiration ❤️


Nic Hansen

Well done for being so generous with your time. You are an amazing kind soul xx


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With love from Stuart & Rhonda


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Thank you & good luck Tanya.


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Thanks for all you do xx



Best of luck


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Thank you Tanya for everything you do X



Thanks Tanya for all you do.


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Keep up the incredible work you do. What a difference if makes to these families x


Emily & Will Brotherson

From Emily & Will



The world needs more people like you ❤️


Kim Talbot Kristy’s Froend

Thank-you Tanya for doing this my cousin died of neuroblastoma at 7 years old xxx