CEO Walk In My Shoes

South East QLD

24 -25 March 2022

What to expect during this immersive experience

You will gain a first-hand understanding what parents and carers go through on a daily basis, as well as getting an opportunity to see what it takes to create the best possible experience for a family and come to know the families staying at the House.

During this 22-hour overnight immersion experience, you will be:

  • Cooking and serving dinner and breakfast to our families;
  • Guided through real life scenarios, gaining a better understanding of what families go through;
  • Using your skills and knowledge together to tackle a business issue
  • Gaining a unique insight on what it takes to run the House and create a true sense of empathy for the families that stay at RMHC South East Queensland.


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Meet little Evie

When little baby Evie arrived at just 31 weeks, Ronald McDonald House became the haven where Mum Tamika could be close to her baby when she needed her the most, and keep the rest of her family together.

For 7 weeks while Evie remained in hospital, Tamika was just minutes from her baby’s bedside, at our Ronald McDonald House in Herston. The family were far from their hometown of Rockhampton, and Tamika was grateful for the support of the staff and volunteers during a very challenging time.

“The staff arranged for adjoining rooms, so my partner Brian and our three older girls could also stay. It meant the world to me to have my family together at this time, and I’m forever grateful to Ronald McDonald House for being so accommodating with the girls, so they too could be close to and bond with their new baby sister.”

Evie is now 2 years old and a little fireball. She still has some conditions associated with being so premature, and her and her family will continue to travel to Brisbane for appointments and stay at Ronald McDonald House. “Thank you Ronald McDonald House, we wouldn’t have made it without you.”

About Ronald McDonald House Charities South East QLD

RMHC South East Queensland has been supporting seriously ill children and their families for over 30 years. We strive to keep families together when life gets turned upside down due to a child’s illness. We provide essential accommodation and support services to families who need to travel to Brisbane and the Gold Coast to receive specialist medical care for their sick children, offering a warm and welcoming place to stay, all at no cost to them.