CEO Walk In My Shoes

RMHC Greater Western Sydney

What to expect during this immersive experience

You will gain a first-hand understanding what parents and carers go through on a daily basis, as well as getting an opportunity to see what it takes to create the best possible experience for a family and come to know the families staying at the House in Greater Western Sydney.

During this 24-hour overnight immersion experience, you will be:

  • Cooking and serving dinner and breakfast to our families;
  • Guided through real life scenarios, gaining a better understanding of what families go through;
  • Using your skills and knowledge together to tackle a business issue
  • Gaining a unique insight on what it takes to run the House and create a true sense of empathy for the families that stay at RMHC Greater Western Sydney.

Registrations are now closed. Our next experiene will be announced shortly.


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Meet Ollie

Ollie was watching TV last year when his mum noticed he was covering one eye. An MRI later revealed a tumour, and he was airlifted from Lismore to Westmead Children's Hospital, where he was diagnosed with an aggressive and rare form of brain cancer.

Since then, Ollie, now 7, has been staying with us for almost 9 months.

He has called our House his temporary home with his parents Naomi and Nathan, as well as sisters Gracie and Marley, who have been giving him invaluable courage and strength (and lots of cuddles) especially on the tough days.

"The House has meant not having to worry about bills that need to be paid, the cost of accommodation, meals, or travel expenses. This House has kept my family together."- Nathan, Ollie's Dad.