Sonja Duncan

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I'm fundraising for CEO Walk In My Shoes

I am joining my fellow CEOs in experiencing a day in the life of a family who stays at Ronald McDonald House Charities Greater Western Sydney.

Why am I doing this?

Imagine that you have just received the worst news possible – your child is seriously ill and you need to relocate your family in order to receive the lifesaving treatment that your child needs.

You would drop everything right? But what does that actually mean?

The families that stay at Ronald McDonald House Charities are away from their home, their support system and everything they know. The House provides them with support to ensure they can concentrate on what is most important, their sick child and family.

These are just a few things Ronald McDonald House Charities provide to families

  • A House that is open 365 days a year, to ensure families have a place to stay at no charge
  • Support sick kids and their families through various programs
  • Make sure families have a home cooked meal and most importantly
  • Continue keeping families together during this difficult time

Kids should be living life, NOT fighting for it!

I am asking you to support me in helping Ronald McDonald House Charities Greater Western Sydney continue providing a warm and supportive home-away-from-home for families of children travelling to the House for treatment.
If it were your child or a loved one's child wouldn't you want to know that they had this level of support?

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Malcolm Parnell

Warning: I strongly suspect you will end up doing a lot more than 24 hours. In the words of Mrs Marsh: It gets in. Right in the heart.


Sd Strategies Pty Ltd

A very worthwhile cause!


Richard Birdsey


Sonja Duncan


Georgina Jones


Teya Duncan




Toni Noud

Great cause Sonja




Elisabeth Taylor



Great cause, thankyou for doing this!


Lynette Woolridge


Genevieve Alexander

A wonderful cause!




Andrew Curnick



Thanks for your commitment to this wonderful service


Giselle Howard

A wonderful cause. Go you Sonja!


Ruth L


Michelle Faithfull

Love your work Sonja. I know from experience, how valuable it is to have the RMH facilities available for families. 🙏


Jo Booth

Good on you Sonja. Have appreciated the yoga and it’s great that it’s parted forward in such a beautiful way



Thank you


Sandra Craine-cowan


Louise Parkinson

Awesome 👌


Brooke Fraser

Thankyou Sonja